Hello, I am Nicole.

Why did I choose to be a photographer? It's actually quite simple. I needed a way to generate income when I was a new mom. Sorry that it's not more inspirational! I have always loved taking photos and my passion continued to grow once I had my own kids. They have always been my muses...and test subjects.

I'm inspired by sunlight! The way the sun just pops through a tree or around a cactus is so amazing to me. I will always chase the sun. Don't let that fool you though, because I also love the freedom of an overcast. I will find the beauty in any light.

Photography is my true passion. I know that sounds corny, but it's true! Whether it be families, newborns, graduating seniors or dancers in front of my lens, I love them all equally. I hope to get the honor of working with you and your families one day.

"Nicole has been taking our families pictures for years! Just look at the difference in our kiddos! There is a reason I keep coming back to her, not only does the always seem to capture the best pictures of my family but she’s also a mom so she gets it..kids don’t always cooperate. And she’s always so patient and makes taking pictures for my kids fun!"

—Reyna M.